Murder Mystery evenings

What is a Murder Mystery Evening?
It’s a social event, usually round a meal, where the guests are invited to solve a murder (or similar crime) which is played out in front of them by the actors.

At the end of the evening guests are invited to name the murderer.

What sort of organisations put on Murder Mystery Evenings
It is a commercially viable event for hotels and a good social evening and fund raiser for local voluntary societies.

So how do Levenshulme Players do a Murder Mystery?
We offer several scenarios, depending on the organiser’s requirements. Typically the guests arrive to find they are attending a wedding reception, or a lecture. A meal is about to be served, when someone is murdered.

The police arrive and between the courses they interrogate suspects (the cast). Guests can join in the police interrogation, or question the suspects directly as the actors mingle with them.

At the end of the evening the suspects offer conflicting stories about the murderer’s identity and accusation sheets are handed out. The best answers get a prize.

The entire evening lasts about two to three hours.

Do Levenshulme Players play fair
Yes, we don’t cheat. There is one possible right answer, and with careful thought you should be able to work it out. But there are lots of red herrings to distract you.

How much does it cost
It all depends on how expensive the meal is. Normally the organiser provides the food, and Levenshulme Players provide the drama for an agreed cut of the admission ticket. For charities this could be a minimal, peppercorn fee.

How many people can you cater for
It’s pretty flexible, but at a rough guide it works best for an audience of between 30 to 60 people.

Who would I contact
Contact Levenshulme Players. Email Beryl Cowen at or phone her at 0161 225 4674.  More details are at our Contact Page:

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